A powerful web presence can be the determinant in having an edge over competitors in dollars and cents. As businesses advance and customers demand more efficient, quick and clear ways of doing business, businesses have migrated from traditional shop displays, neon lights and relying on walk ins. It isn’t anymore enough to just setup, do an ad here and there and relax as clients are more and more on the move. Dependency on technology has pushed many consumers and users alike to adapt newer ways of shopping, researching and collaborating. The advent of the internet and internet applications has accelerated the need for deeper presence of organizations operations online. Social media marketing is currently a multi-billion affair. Millions of users are online at any given moment and constantly browsing, surfing, visiting, clicking, liking and sharing at any given second. Business is happening at the speed of light! Picture the stock market.

As you read this, alas! Someone has just become a millionaire. Now more than ever, any serious business is seriously considering its presence on the web in one way or another. Webtech Solutions first started its maiden web experience 8 years ago. We have in the past 8 years designed websites for hundreds of companies and individuals most of whom have had amazing feedback on the power of the web. To learn more on our past work, you can start by visiting the Customer Experience page or Visit our Portfolios page.

Are you a mid-sized, large scale business, Government Institution, NGO, CBO, Education Institution, Medical practitioner, Law firm, Business Farmer, Animal keeper, Agency, Retail Chain, Import/Export business, Service provider, Ambitious Sole Proprietor etc? Have a cause, campaign, competition, festival, occasion, market drive scheme, product launch, entertainment gig etc? Our web design concepts are complimented by a strong experience in internet and social media marketing solutions that can be the lift and the link needed to propel your sales, awareness, attendance and impact to the next level.

We have devised a working methodology and an approach that emphasizes 100% involvement in design. Our products emphasize simplicity and accessibility. Users online have no much time and the number of online pages offering a service like yours maybe in the millions. To capitalize on that, we use latest presentation designs and psychological communication approaches. Creating awareness about your existence is vital and we join all our website design clients to our advanced internet marketing service for free on a 6 months period. We have harnessed the art of social media marketing and our understanding and professional use of leading social networks like Facebook™ Twitter™, LinkedIn™, Google+™ etc is key in availing a platform to launch your product and create awareness to thousands of our followers and fans in an instant.

Are you convinced? You can talk directly with us via phone, chat, Skype™, IM™, or Email by visiting the Contact Us page

The project involves:

  • Website proposals mockup design (We come up with a sketch that a client can approve or recommend changes. From the mock we proceed to determine the kind of information, graphics, pictures, color themes, layout and number of pages, categories, components, forms, feedback, domain name, email accounts required, user levels, online services etc)
  • Actual website design (When all the parties have agreed and approved the mock design stage above and all required information, images, photos, objects and licenses for payable outsourced services have been completed the Actual coding, laying out, graphics design, optimization and testing begins) On average a typical website will take us 5 days to complete. Websites requiring external services typically need 10 – 15 days due to the extra coding and harmonization with providers.
  • Web graphics optimization (On upload, during the online testing period, we test the dynamic aspects of the site. The graphics rendering and quality. We also test data collection forms, contact forms, future article editing and updating routines, email accounts sending and receiving, user levels and access restrictions and general housekeeping.
  • Website hosting (For a website to be accessible on the World Wide Web, it must be hosted on a server dedicated for hosting. Hosting servers typically are designed to offer these services by creating infrastructure and deploying software that allows access, control, direction, management and provision of millions of services. The servers sell a space where your website shall reside and commit to install all required supporting frameworks and services as your website may require. For your website to be found a Universal Resource Locator or URL address has to be registered and which shall point to the space where your website resides on the host server.
  • Domain registration services (We offer domain registration services i.e. registration of the URL (Universal resource Locator) typically the www.yourwebsite.com, .co.ke, .org etc to order for your domain name please visit our Domains and Hosting page. NB: Domain names are unique to every website on Earth. It is common to find the name you are looking for is already taken. We strongly advise our clients to reserve their domains even if their websites will come later so as to reserve their identity. For example if your company is Mkenya Investments Ltd you might want to reserve www.mkenyainvestments.com or www.mkenyainvestments.co.ke or www.mkenyainvestments.org etc
  • Website updates (Many clients require the ability to update content on their websites e.g. news, offers, notices, photos etc) We have CMS based development tools that allow users to access their sites and update information, uploads content and remove outdated articles. Alternatively clients who find it cumbersome or have no knowledge of these tools can join our support plan where we maintain, update their desired information for them at an affordable cost plan.
  • Website upgrades (Clients who find it cumbersome or have no knowledge of these tools can join our support plan where we maintain, update their desired information for them at an affordable cost plan.
  • E-commerce solutions (We offer world class internet based commerce solutions where clients can sell products, services online and have their payments processed instantly through shopping carts, online duka, online banking etc.
  • Internet based marketing, social media integration services etc (We will design interactive social pages, link them to trending social sites (Facebook™ Twitter™, LinkedIn™, Google+™etc), optimize for search engines and find common partnerships for you.