SmartSchool is engineered to offer schools all the power they need for school management functions ranging from admissions, attendance, discipline, health, library, report cards, scheduling, student billing, transcripts and more — all integrated into a single database accessible any time, anywhere via the Web. It includes the following Modules:

1. System Manager

Module Brief

  • Add system user groups
  • Assign roles by user groups
  • Manage system users (add, assign rights, deactivate)
  • Change Password
  • Database & report paths configuration.

2. Administrative Services

Module Brief

  • Configure Basic school details configuration i.e. name, address, telephone ,Classes on offer, Logo etc
  • Set up Classes, Streams(Division),Subjects, Transport , Banks, Hostels (Dormitories) etc
  • Set up and manage school terms

3. Student Manager

Module Brief

  • The module allows the user to register a new student into the system
  • Data collected include the parents/guardian data, medical data and transport information.

4. Staff Manager

Module Brief

  • Management / Admin can maintain employee (teaching and non teaching staff) related information using this module
  • It includes their personal information, allotment of subjects/ class.

5. Fees Manager

Module Brief

  • Define vote heads
  • Create school fee structures
  • Import fee from existing structure
  • Fee receipts
  • Additional charges
  • Refund
  • Payment history
  • Student statement

6. Accounts & Finance

Module Brief

  • Define additional vote heads to capture income and expenses
  • Capture all other incomes other then school fee items
  • Capture all expenses

7. Examination Manager

Module Brief

  • This are the mandatory processes in any type of school by which a school can evaluate itself or by which others can evaluate the school
  • The grading system is defined
  • Define exam types and their weight
  • Capture the marks scored in a particular exam
  • Exam analysis – by class, teacher, stream, student
  • End term report cards

8. Library Manager

9. Payroll Manager

10. Reports Manager

Module Brief

  • All required reports (Bank Transactions, Bank Balances, Class wise student list, Class wise fee structure, Expenses summary, Income summary report, Fee structure)


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