Webtech Solutions deals in selling high end products to a large clientele across East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi). Recently we have also had engagements in South Sudan as we seek to expand northwards.

We are able to deliver, install, configure, deploy and optimize a wide range of products aided by a dynamic team of highly experienced technical engineers, product specialists and system developers. You can trust us to procure high end devices, trusted industry standard hardware and software solutions that we deliver in time and at very affordable costs. Support to our clients is a core objective and we always strive to maintain a cordial and working relationship while ensuring up to the minute availability of help whenever and wherever.

The products we sell includes:

  • Laptops (Notebooks, Net books, Optimized, Trendy)
  • Desktops (Towers, Slim, Thin, and Mini), Palm held devices, Tablets, Smart Phones, all computer spare parts and accessories etc)
  • Industry standard Thin Clients and Splitter hubs that economize on hardware procurement and drastically reduce costs.
  • Printing, copying and Scanning (Laser Printers, DeskJet Printers, Dot Matrix Printers, Thermal Printers, Large Format Printers, Digital Printers, Copiers, Toners, Cartridges, printer related accessories, printer spares etc).
  • Imaging and quick Storage (Scanners, Digital Cameras, Thumb Drives, Pen Drives, Optic Pens, Web Cams, etc).
  • Cables (All USB data cables, All Power cables, CAT5, CAT6, Laptop Power Adaptors, UPS Systems etc)
  • Genuine software from leading companies for various platforms e.g. Microsoft Corporation®, Oracle™, intuit®, Adobe Creations® etc
  • Security products from Kerspersky Networks®, Symantec Systems®, AVG™, BullGuard™, Filewalker™, Avira™, Avast™ Bitdefender™ etc
  • Blank CDs, DVDs, DVDRWs, Multilayer DVDRWs, Printable DVDRWs, Mini disks etc
  • CD/DVD duplicating and branding machines
  • All Office stationery
  • Security and Surveillance cameras and Identification devices
  • Document storage devices, data safes, Document Shredders, Seals, Stamps etc
  • Data backup devices i.e. portable USB Hard drives, Portable DVD drives, Network backup disk packs.
  • Network Hardware (Switches, Hubs, Routers, Access Points, Wi-Fi Cards, Ethernet Cards, Repeaters, Modems, Transmitters, Boosters, Termination Jacks, Fiber Terminators, All Networking tools, Hybrid devices etc)

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