Webtech Solutions does sales, installation and configurations of a wide range of high end networking equipment and accessories. We help you harness the power of a dynamic information flow. Whether you want the solid performance of traditional networking, or the ultimate connectivity of a wireless network, we'll design a solution that’s right for your business.

Our in depth network architecture and component knowledge and the real world experience assures you that we can resolve most network related issues quickly. Whether it is an intermittent network problem, performance degradation, connectivity, or integration issues, we will identify and solve the problem immediately. Improper architecture or wrongly configured networks can greatly affect the performance, bandwidth and reliability of a network and it is not an uncommon issue to arise without apparent cause. Our staffs have worked directly for over 9 years with major networking companies in integrating systems and services into networked environments. We can assist, plan and implement integrated systems network solutions as well as research and resolve most connectivity issues.

Webtech Solutions uses trusted industry standard brands and our technical guys are well versed with their innovations as they roll out. We trust Cisco Systems™, D-Link Network®, Access Systems®, TP Link™, Huawei Communications® etc

Networking core areas

Network Planning: Organizations that require a network solution benefit from Webtech Solutions advanced network planning methodology. We evaluate the premises and model the most efficient routes for cabling, wireless access and hardware locations. In some cases, networks span several blocks or even regions geographically apart and a thorough understanding of all necessary hardware, software and technologies needed aids in coming up with a network plan that is easier to effect, reliable and cost effective.

Network Design: This involves translating the Network Plan into a final blue print and mapping all requirements. Separating departments and determining access levels and identification codes. Network setup and installation: Physical infrastructure installations depending on the chosen network type. Cabling, fitting trunks, installing patch cords, fitting patch panels, Fixing switch cabinets and patch panels where applicable, termination and testing continuity and hardware integrity.

Network software configuration: Networks just like computers rely on software to control data transmission for switching, sharing and negotiations when linking to other networks and hardware. Webtech Solutions experience in network software configurations is complimented by a deep understanding of common communication protocols and frameworks. Here we configure routers, IP addresses, DHCP, DNS, Link speeds etc. At this point computer systems are checked to ensure that their network drivers and network cards function properly and optimally. We perform configurations for domain controllers, mail servers, print servers, server applications, internet connection sharing, network printers, network power management systems etc.

Network support and maintenance: In the life of a network, routine maintenance and support is vital in ensuring continuity, less downtimes, improved work flow, efficiency and a smooth user experience. Webtech Solution offers routine network maintenance, network hardware integrity checks, network protection from external and internal attacks, firewall configurations, power fluctuation support etc. We also advice clients on optimization options and extension as innovations continue to affect the way networks work. Webtech Solutions uses industry standard network management software to track traffic, access, band width, perform diagnosis and filter unwanted traffic etc.

Network extensions and upgrading: As organizations grow, operations increase and hence the need for more users and additional hardware. Webtech Solutions offers network extension services and network upgrade solutions. Every now and then newer and more advanced technologies are rolled out and newer and smarter ways of networking emerge. Organizations may opt to upgrade a cabled network or sections of a network to wireless or to install a branch interlink etc.

Internet Access configurations: The prime essence of a network is to allow users within the network to share resources and information. Users on a network can access all parts of a network if improper access controls are not installed. Unauthorized access to an organizations strategic data reserves can lead to serious leakages and compromised operations and policies. Webtech Solutions has experienced network policy designers and implementers with in-depth understanding of user access levels and controls. We also assist organizations to migrate to the newer fiber optic network technologies which are faster more reliable for long distance linking backbones.