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Data Recovery & Backup Solutions

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Unexpected loss of crucial data and information is a constant threat to any organization or personal venture that relies on it to make decisions. Data loss occurs due to crashed hard drives, stolen computers, fire outbreaks, technical errors, unprofessional installations and user negligence. Data loss has been known to cost organizations in the billions and in some cases a whole company closure.

Storage is also emerging as a challenge in many organizations as more and more data types require storage. Companies and individual are accumulating data at enormous speeds and capacities. These come in the form of typed documents, research data, video files, audio files, photos, images, programs, accounting data all accumulated in databases and folders on disks etc

Webtech Solutions experience with data capture, storage, manipulation, backup and security over the years has grown immensely. We put a very high priority to client’s data. To us crucial data maybe spreadsheets, editorials, designs, pictures, audio/visual recordings, licensed software, licenses, emails, text messages, school work, accounting data etc.


Backup: Webtech Solutions offers world class data backup and storage solutions. Regular data backup is the only sure way of maintaining operations and continuity in your organization in case of disk crash, theft, virus attacks, malicious software attacks or technical errors. Check out below a range of data backup and Storage solutions for clients and servers. Our products are deployable across most operating systems platforms and are thoroughly tested, scaled and optimized for many environments. We undertake a review of the environment, type of operations, frequency of data accumulation and cost issues to tailor a solution. Contact us for a quote.

Storage: The world is now more than ever innovative on the storage side. Data storage technology has registered the greatest milestones in a period of 10 years. From a few kilobytes of storage in the 90’s to hundreds of terra bytes on a single disk now. Backup storages universally are implemented in an array of techniques. At Webtech, we have a background in Standalone, Networked environments; Server based backup storage; Online/offline data storage; Cloud storage solutions; Portable Backup solutions. For a list of solutions and enquiries contact our sales and support team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Security: Data loss due to security bleaches is widely common and contributes a great percentage of scenarios where crucial data is either lost, stolen, tampered with or corrupted. Security bleaches can be physical theft, Intentional deletion by authorized/unauthorized users or compromised protection systems prone to external attacks, infection by viruses, malicious software, hackers or competitors. Technical errors by unprofessional technical staff, users and administrators have also been a great source of data loss mishaps.

Our Word: Webtech Solutions emphasizes a great care in handling client data. Our technical team puts great care before undertaking any procedures on data holding equipments. Professionalism and expertise is a key aspect in our procedures to avert data loss crisis. We perform backup procedures carefully and in collaboration with clients to determine existence of data, its type and importance. Further user training in data handling, storage, protection and how to guard from virus, malware and hackers is crucial in any organization.

Webtech Solutions offers corporate training where such subjects are tackled. The end result is greater awareness, increased throughput and lesser downtimes. Users are trained on how to use the latest virus protection software, how to routinely backup data, how to detect imminent hacking, phishing, virus attacks and procedure for averting full scale infections.